The Model Y vs VW Beetle is now Tesla vs VW

From 1969 to 2022 VW Beetle had the record for the most registered car in one year in Norway with 16,706 cars!

Tesla Model 3 came very close to the record in 2019 and had 15,684 cars registered.
But in 2022 the Tesla Model Y broke the 53 year old record with 17,572 cars registered.

The number of Model Y cars registered this year is 23,318
That is 5,746 ahead of the 2022 record and a staggering 6,612 ahead of the old record from 1969!

This year it's time to break a new record.

Volkswagen holds the record for most registered cars in one year with 25,572 cars registered in 2016.
Tesla is only 190 registrations from this record

Current progress

2023 Tesla vs 2016 VW


2023 Model Y vs 2022 Model Y

Registrations needed

Total: 190
Per day: 190
Per week: 950

Avg. pr. day so far Q4: 67

Last registration

Last registration day: 2023-12-30
Number of registrations: 74 (Saturday)

Saturday: 74 - 7400%

Today: 0 - 0%

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